Add Distance Widget to iOS 16 Lock Screen

A week after the release of iOS 16 with the fantastic lock screen customization feature, people around the world are rushing to the App Store to get the best iOS 16 lock screen lock screen widgets.

Adding widgets to the lock screen on iOS 16 is such an attractive feature that the lock screen looks mesmerizing and useful at the same time. Therefore, many users also add remote widgets to the iOS 16 lock screen.

When people started creating new and creative lock screen designs on iOS 16, the Google trend is full of searchers like the best iOS 16 widgets and iOS 16 remote widgets. Since we saw the trend, we also tried to get the best iOS 16 widgets and ended up with the best widgets from the App Store called Top Widgets.

After the release of iOS 16, people started to personalize the lock screen design of iOS 16 and within a few days, the Chinese app Top Widgets stormed the App Store and reached the top.

This widget allows users to choose from a variety of common home screen widget types such as photos, clocks, calendars, weather, reminders, and more on the iOS 16 lock screen.

There is a handy widget type X panel to display some useful widgets like battery percentage, storage space used, wifi toggles and more.

Top Widgets includes some animations and cartoons that make clever use of the rectangular lock screen widget designs to create an image stretched over two widgets placed side by side.

There is a popular widget feature that people love when a cupid shoots his arrow through a beating heart or watches a bunny blow up a balloon. There is an option to add square widgets.

To download this widget, you can search the App Store with Universal widget – Top Widgets mobile desktop theme beautification. If you know any other best widgets for iOS 16, don’t bother to share in the comment section.

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