A Complete Guide to Image Editing on iPad

The Apple company develops exceptional devices and technologies to help you produce high-quality content. Various gadgets with innovative cameras and an extensive range of shooting modes allow you to create real photo masterpieces and fully capture the authenticity of your surroundings.

But what if your photo needs some polishing, or if you want to make it more saturated and immersive? Even without installing third-party apps, you can use built-in iPad applications to manipulate your images. Keep reading to learn about iPad image editing apps and their key functions, and discover an easy way to remove image backgrounds using an automated online eraser.

Native Apple Apps to Edit Pictures on iPad

Apple has designed two apps with photo editing options on iPad4: Photos and Pages. The Photos application lets you adjust lighting and colors, apply filters, crop, and straighten your images. In this way, the app allows you to slightly enhance your photos or edit multiple photos to make them look aesthetically pleasing.

The other application, Pages, offers more extensive options. It’s originally a text editor, but you can also use it to manipulate images, for example, removing their background, changing exposure and saturation, and applying autocorrect. In addition, the application offers ready-made templates to create booklets, posters and banners. When working with presentations and text materials, you can edit your images directly in Pages without using an additional app.

Photo editing options on iPad

In addition to offering basic image editing options, Photos and Pages can also help you create aesthetic collages and attractive designs. But first, let’s learn about their basic features for customizing your visuals.

#1 Color Correction

Photos can often look too dark or too light when captured with an iPad camera. If you’re shooting in low light, your scenes can be a little stark. Nevertheless, the color correction option allows you to eliminate all light defects. By adjusting the color ratio, you can significantly change the perception of your composition. In addition, the extra functions help to adjust specific details, for example you can make the grass in the photo appear more lively or change a blue object to red.

Use the Photos app on your iPad to correct colors on your image:

  1. Open Photos and tap the desired image.
  2. Tap the Edit button to manipulate your image.
  3. Select the Exposure, Brilliance, Highlights, Shadows, Contrast, Brightness, Black Point, Saturation, Vibrance, Warmth, and Hue options and move the sliders to make changes.
  4. Tap your photo to compare the original with the filtered version.
  5. Click the Done button to save the result. Or tap Cancel to reset the settings.

#2 Filter impressive

Filters are ready-to-use color settings for photos. You can significantly change the impression of your photo by applying standard filters, for example making images black and white, vintage or retro. You can also process multiple photos to create similar images and design collages.

How do you apply filters to your iPad images?

  1. Open a photo in the Photos app.
  2. Choose the Edit option and tap the Filters icon.
  3. Scroll through default filters and choose the one you want.
  4. Tap your filtered photo to compare it with the original.
  5. Click Done to save the changes.

#3 Crop and straighten photo

Cropping and straightening are one of the most important options when processing photos. It allows you to remove unwanted objects and noise from your photos. You can also enhance images by changing the aspect ratio, such as highlighting an important object, bringing the foreground closer, and creating atmospheric landscapes and portraits.

How to crop and straighten your images on iPad:

  1. Open your photo in the Photos app.
  2. Tap the Edit button and select the Crop function.
  3. Crop your image manually or choose one of the standard vertical or horizontal shape templates.
  4. Apply the vertical or horizontal straighten options.
  5. Use the Rotate and Rotate functions to rotate your photo.
  6. Tap Done to save the result.

#4 Clear background image

Sometimes you need to remove the background from an image to make it fit into your design project, or put it on a new, better background. For such purposes, you can use Pages, a built-in iPad application. It also makes it possible to eliminate selected image colors.

Follow these steps to clear backgrounds from images using the Pages app:

  1. Open the Pages app on your iPad.
  2. Create a new page, tap the Plus icon and add a photo from your gallery.
  3. Tap your photo and click the brush icon.
  4. Tap the Instant Alpha option to edit your image.
  5. Drag over background colors to make them transparent.
  6. Click Done to apply changes or choose Reset to cancel the edits.
  7. Click More → Export → Choose the file format to save the processed image to your iPad.

Can you automatically remove image backgrounds on iPad?

The Instant Alpha option allows you to remove only specific colors from your images. It is a good feature when working with images on white or other solid colored backgrounds. However, you can often handle highly detailed compositions with diverse colors. Therefore, you could spend a lot of time clearing their backgrounds in Pages. In addition, the result often cannot meet your expectations.

To automatically remove the background from your photo in a few seconds, you can use specialized background erasers. These online tools are designed for manipulating highly detailed images. Online BG removers work on AI-based technologies, so they isolate foregrounds and eliminate backgrounds more accurately. You can access and use these tools in a preferred browser on your iPad.

The best free tool to scale up photos online

1. Depositphotos Image Upscaler

Depositphotos Image Upscaler is a free beginner-friendly tool available at https://depositphotos.com/. It works with JPG and JPEG images and the file size does not exceed 15 MB. This AI-powered tool not only enlarges photos, but also automatically edits them by eliminating noise, reducing blur, adding sharpness and brightening colors. To download the results, you need to create a free account. However, you can try uploading an image and only register if you like the final image and want to save it. Depositphotos Image Upscaler saves your processed files for three hours before they are automatically deleted.

  1. Go to the official webpage of the tool from the link
  2. Upload the required image or drag your file onto the page.
  3. Wait for the AI-powered tool to process the image.
  4. Click the Edit button to make additional changes.
  5. Click Download to save the result.


There is no need to install any third-party applications on your iPad to edit images accurately. Apple offers built-in, native apps with extensive functionality to enhance your images. You can correct colors, apply filters, crop and straighten your images, and remove their backgrounds in the Photos and Pages apps. They offer several editing options so you can switch between them to get the best results. In addition, you can use web-based background removers to automatically erase unwanted scenes from your images.

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