6 Best iOS 16 Depth Effect Wallpapers Apps for iPhone

The most charming part of iOS 16 lock screen customization is the ability to add depth effects wallpaper to the iPhone lock screen. While users can change colors, fonts and widgets on the lock screen, adding a background with depth effect on the lock screen is mesmerizing for any iPhone user with the new iOS 16.

Since each image does not support the depth effect feature of iOS 16, the user should make sure that the background image can support the depth effect on the lock screen. You can select any image from the Photos app or download wallpapers with depth effects online. But why you need to search for the depth effect wallpaper online because here we have sorted the six best depth effect wallpaper apps for iOS 16 devices.

Top 6 Best iOS 16 Depth Effect Wallpapers Apps

1. Locked – Lock Screen Wallpapers

Are you looking for cool backgrounds with depth effects to set on your iPhone lock screen for free? Locked is the best depth effects wallpaper app to download free vivid wallpapers with depth effects for iOS 16 lock screen. Users can easily download this app from the App Store and explore the depth effect image from the different categories.

2. Lock screen 16

Since iOS 16 has a limited collection of depth effect images for iPhone lock screen, users can download this Lock Screen 16 app on their iPhone to look for images with the most depth effects. In addition to the wallpapers, this app also included some useful widgets and icons to completely personalize the iPhone’s lock and home screen.

3. Wallpapers on lock screen +

From popular artists around the world, Lock Screen Wallpapers + has great collections of depth effect wallpapers on iOS 16. The app included more than 100 depth effect wallpapers and more are added weekly. User can download and install any wallpaper from this app for free and easily set it on the lock screen.

4. Lock Screen Wallpapers: Themes

Want to customize your iPhone lock screen with cool and cute depth effect wallpaper? If so, Lock Screen Wallpapers: Themes app has a trending collection of depth effect images to put on iOS 16 lock screen for free. Users can easily open this, select the image to download and easily set it on the lock screen.

5. Wallpapers now

Whether you want a nature based or cute depth effect wallpaper on your iOS 16 lock screen, Wallpapers Now is one of the best apps with some cool depth effects and shuffle background to make iPhone lock screen the best.

6. Unsplash

While the above apps recently landed after the release of the iOS 16 update, if you need an unlimited collection of depth effect wallpapers, Unsplash has over 4 million images. This app has a collection of high resolution images. Users can easily use this app to get cool depth effect images and set it on iOS 16 lock screen.

Your choice

So these were some best depth effect wallpaper apps for iOS 16 lock screen free for iPhone. Which one do you like the most? Do you know any other best app to add backgrounds with depth effects to iPhone lock screen? If yes, don’t bother to share it with us in the comment box.

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