10 Best Tripods for iPhone 2022

Tripods are a handy mobile accessory right now. It is distinguished not only by the feasibility of use, but by its design and ease of use. If you’re a content creator or you like the convenience of a tripod when creating video content, we can’t overstate how crucial it is to have a tripod.

With so many different types of tripods for iPhone available in the market, we wanted to share our top 10 picks in the hopes that it will streamline your buying experience.

List of Top Tripods for iPhone in 2022

When looking for good quality and viable tripods for the iPhone, we wanted our list to include products that were affordable, high quality, yet flexible and functional.

After a lot of research and a workaround, we managed to narrow down our top 10 picks.

Phosnova mobile phone tripod

If you’re looking for a durable, easy-to-carry tripod for iPhone around $20, we recommend it. It’s unlike anything else you’ll come across, mainly because of how functional the product is.

It is made of high quality and durable TPR material and has a non-slip grip to keep your iPhone in place. In addition, the tripod can be rotated 360 degrees and is optimally stable, so that you can easily make stable videos.

Vicseed 67” telephone tripod

For the professional video makers who want a full set for hassle-free video recording, we highly recommend Vicseed’s 67” Phone Tripod. Made of durable aluminum material, the tripod works effortlessly without any effort.

Not just your iPhone, the tripod is more or less compatible with all kinds of smartphones you can think of. The tripod also comes with a Bluetooth shutter that allows you to take hands-free selfies or self-portraits with ease.

Bessailer 2022 Upgraded 57″ iPhone Tripod

Priced at just under $30, the Bessailer 2022 Upgraded 57″ iPhone Tripod is another high-quality and sleek looking iPhone tripod that you can look into. The tripod has a full gold body and comes with a full aluminum body. and thicker tubes at the bottom for extra stability.

The tripod comes with a compatible and universal spring mount with an integrated screw for optimal movement around the base. From iPhone to other smartphones, you can plug in more or less any kind of electronics you can think of.

andobil 62″ tripod for iPhone

Next on the list of best tripods for iPhone worth checking out is this one from Andobil. In addition to the extendable length of the tripod, it also offers multi-angle support for capturing some of the most stunning photos and videos.

It is made of high quality aluminum alloy for stable placement on any kind of surface. It also comes with a 5.0 wireless remote, which is another worthy inclusion in the list. Since it is a very stable and durable tripod, it is not surprising that shooting movies is quite easy.

Bluehorn Portable 40″ Tripod

Bluehorn is known for its affordable and high quality iPhone tripod which is one of a kind and made of the staple aluminum material for optimum durability. Since it only extends to 40 inches, the tripod is also quite portable and easy to carry.

What stands out about this mini and portable tripod is its high-quality design and wider compatibility not only with iPhones, but also with other smartphone companies. There are also additional zoom in and out options, which is pretty good too.

UBeesize 50 “Phone Tripod”

Coming to the next option, we have the UBeesize 50″ phone tripod. This one is premium quality but a super cheap option that is literally the best for beginners. Equipped with a quick-release lever, unique in its kind and something for extra control.

Since the tripod is made of high quality aluminum material, it is not surprising that users never have to complain or worry about the usability and stability of the tripod. It supports three shooting modes: vertical, horizontal and overhead.

ULCLAYRUS Portable 60″ iPhone Tripod

Another high quality and decent under $25 iPhone tripod worth mentioning is from the Ulclayrus brand. It’s a one-in-all design, meaning you get the functions of a selfie stick and a tripod – all in one. With a 10.2″ tripod base, the product comes with non-slip silicone pads on the bottom that contribute to optimal stability.

But what sets the tripod apart is its flexible 360-degree rotation design that allows for a streamlined shooting experience. The foldable design of the product is another advantage not to be missed.

TONEOF 60″ Mobile Phone Selfie Stick Tripod

Another all-in-one iPhone tripod worth checking out is Toneof’s 60-inch option. It has folding legs with a telescopic design that is worth it. For durability reasons, the tripod also features a corrosion-resistant aluminum material that is height-adjustable.

But the reinforced tripod base takes the cake with the stable and upright stand without any effort. You no longer have to worry about the tripod not staying in one place. Under the base of the tripod are silicone pads for extra grip.

Colorlizard Portable iPhone Tripod

If you are looking for a multifunctional and high quality portable iPhone tripod, the Colorlizard option is worth checking out. With a stable and adjustable tripod base, the tripod is not only stable, it is also quite light and portable, which further enhances the benefits.

One of the unique features of this iPhone tripod is the availability of the 360-degree rechargeable LED light with 9 different brightness levels. Also, the detachable mini-sized Bluetooth remote streamlines selfie taking without any hassle.

UBeesize Portable iPhone Tripod

Last but not least is the UBeesize Portable, another popular and portable iPhone tripod with a stronger and improved material for more stability and quality. But that’s not all, the product is also backed by the brand’s lifetime service, something you can’t always expect for the price you pay.

With a combination of foam and plastic, the tripod is quite durable and stable and in combination with non-slip feet you don’t have to worry about anything. There is also universal compatibility with this tripod. So not just your iPhone, it’s suitable for any other smartphone of your choice.


With so many great and high-quality tripods for iPhone featured in this article, we hope you find one that fits your budget and usage. Be sure to learn about their features and usability before purchasing one for extended use.

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