How to unlock iPhone without passcode

We’ve become so familiar with unlocking iPhone with a touch or a glance that we’ve lost touch with our passcode. Then something like that happens, like you forget your passcode. After a few unsuccessful attempts, the iPhone is not available message appears. So, is it possible (unlock iPhone without passcode) to open it without entering … Read more

How to cancel subscriptions on iPhone

As a photography geek, I downloaded a few paid photography and editing apps on my iPhone. After a few months I realize that I don’t use it very often. But still the app subscription was renewed every month. Finally, I decided to cancel the subscription on the iPhone to avoid being charged for the unused … Read more

Change goals on Apple Watch

Apple Watch has evolved from distance tracking to currently side length tracking. It has come a long way in giving its users updated features with every new software update. When it comes to Apple Watch features, it learns your favorite route and then you can race against yourself, isn’t that interesting? It can even detect … Read more

How to set up voicemail on iPhone

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Apple Watch cannot be paired without the update

The Apple Watch is the most stunning multi-use device. To get the best experience from the Apple Watch, the software, like your iPhone, needs to be regularly updated for maintenance and bug fixes. If you’re having trouble syncing your Apple Watch with your iPhone, there could be several reasons. The most frequently asked question is: … Read more

How to factory reset MacBook Air

Factory reset is always useful and can fix most issues related to performance issues, free up some space, screen stuck on one screen, etc. The best option for everyone is a factory reset. A factory reset option is also available in the MacBook Air. There can be many reasons if you intend to factory reset … Read more

Top 10 best iOS multiplayer games for iPhone and iPad

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Tag After School for iOS: can I download?

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Apple has very strict rules regarding posting an app or game in the App Store. The apps that do not meet Apple’s guidelines have been removed from the official App Store. However, many geeks still want those apps. That’s why websites like iOS are coming into the limelight. Whether you want to download a … Read more

How to improve iOS 16.1.2 battery life?

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