iOS 16.3.1 features

After iOS 16.3 was released, it was expected that we will now get iOS 16.4 beta before its official release. But recently, according to some sources, we found that Apple might give us iOS 16.3.1 before the release of iOS 16.4 beta. So now the big question is what features we will get when iOS … Read more

How to spoof IP on iOS

You want to download something or watch a movie that is not available in your area, so how would you watch it? You can, of course, try to spoof your location. You may want to change your IP address and pretend you’re in a different location so you can watch the movie online. In fact, … Read more

How to Get Gacha Cute on iPhone 13?

Gacha Cute is a popular anime customization game where you can personalize, decorate and dress up your anime characters. The game is not only quite aesthetically pleasing, but also includes a variety of stunning and cute characters and decorative items. For those who don’t know at all, Gacha Cute is an iOS mode version of … Read more

How to Jailbreak iOS 15.7 No Computer?

If you own an Apple device, especially an iPhone, rest assured that it is virtually impossible to jailbreak the device with the latest iOS 16 version right now. Apple has improved its security features, preventing jailbreak apps from working efficiently on the respective devices. That said, if you own an iPhone running on iOS 15.7 … Read more

Is iOS 16.3 safe?

iOS software updates are an important part of owning an iPhone. These updates contain new features, bug fixes and important security patches to keep your device running smoothly and securely. Keeping your iOS device up to date is essential if you want the best performance, stability, and security. And now we currently have the iOS … Read more

How to Download Capcut APK on iOS on iPhone

Capcut, a top-rated photo editing app for iPhone, offers a range of features including editing, cropping, clipping, and merging videos and images. With Capcut, you can effortlessly create visually stunning content and share it on popular social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Its popularity and user-friendly interface has made it a highly … Read more

Avatar Generations iOS Pre-Registration Process

Avatar Generations is coming to mobile and game lovers can’t hold their breath. If you’re in the same boat and excited to finally play this game on your iOS device, we’ve got some good news for you. Avatar Generations pre-registration is finally available for both iOS and Android devices. So if you wanted to download … Read more

iOS 16.3.1 Release date and features 2023

After much deliberation, consistent beta testing, and changes, iOS 16.3 has finally been released to the general public. There weren’t many substantial upgrades with iOS 16.3, but mostly focused on minor updates and changes to the existing iOS 16.2 update, which was released a few weeks prior. With iOS 16.3, users also get access to … Read more